I'm a thirty-one year old software engineer living in Chandler, Arizona, working for Motorola. I have quite a bit of family back in the mid-west, mostly centered around the Kansas City region. I graduated from Kansas State University in 1999 with a bachelor's degree in computer science. As can be expected, my hobbies tend to center around the use of a computer. I am very interested in digital photography, learning new technologies, video games, reading technologically centered and Stephen King books, and keeping in touch with family.

I have been taking pictures off and on for quite a few years now. I seem to have the best luck with those subjects which stand still, though I have been known to photograph family, their pets, and at least one friend's wedding.

I've recently converted to using Macintosh computers. Part of this is tied to my photography and their relatively recent use of Intel processors which enable me to get the bost of both worlds when needed; with the option to dual-boot them into Windows. I've also been pushing myself with website design more, converting my own site to a more recent set of standards.

I also tend to read a decent amount in my spare time. I have read a lot of Stephen King books (almost all!). My favorite King works aren't the "horror" stories that most people know of King from, but the Dark Tower series and his slips into more of the "Fantasy" realm. I have also read the Harry Potter books and Lord of the Rings. Of course, there are also computer science type books in my library as well that I read from when the urge overcomes me.

I have started to get a decent sized collection of DVD movies. My favorites have to be Almost Famous, Quills, and American Beauty. They're all good movies, although I realize they none of them necessarily will appeal to everyone.