Darkness is around me,
it leaves me not alone,
it doesn't understand
and out of hurt thrashes at me,
tearing me apart
destroying what was left of my heart...
why does what was once light
disappear into such black darkness, i cry
do you love me? it asks in reply
the answer to such a question is so hard,
so complex and confusing
quite simply though yes, i loved you
Loved? it asks as it lunges out at me,
striking at my chest, grabbing and tearing at my heart
Yes, loved, for you are no longer the same
no longer gentle, no longer caring, i cry
it silences but still surrounds me
how can an act which comes from such caring,
from such love,
transform the bright light into darkness
how can i ever try to love again, when all that follows
is destined darkness,
forever raking my heart,
forever draining my soul,
forever tormenting my thoughts,
what is the darkness you might ask, to which i can only answer....