Canon EOS Night Time Sky Pictures

Moon through the palms, as close as can be (300mm, f/5.6, 4 sec)<!--CRW_1855.CRW--> 22KB Moon through the palm trees (75mm, f/16, 30 sec)<!--CRW_1857.CRW--> 36KB almost-full-eclipse.jpg 0KB blurry lunar eclipse.jpg 70KB Christmas lights on the mini-lake (50mm, 1/16, 5 sec)<!--CRW_1861.CRW--> 64KB Forest of palms at Christmas (125mm, f/25, 30 sec)<!--CRW_1865.CRW--> 87KB Large house lights on the mini-lake [darker] (50mm, f/16, 5 sec)<!--CRW_1859.CRW--> 72KB Large House Lights on the Mini-lake [brighter] (50mm, f/16, 25 sec)<!--CRW_1858.CRW--> 87KB real-almost-full-eclipse.jpg 221KB Reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh (250mm, f/25, 4 sec)<!--CRW_1863.CRW--> 77KB