Canon EOS Hole in the Wall Pictures

I'm not sure exactly how and when this hole in the wall appeared. I've been told by a neighbor that she noticed it on Friday afternoon. It is believed that it happened on Thanksgiving evening and that a drunk driver was involved. The condition of the driver is unknown as well as the car, although the neighbor did mention it was a maroon car (there were still pieces of it up until Saturday). These pictures were taken on Sunday, November 31, 2003. I had noticed it the night before when I arrived home from my own Thanksgiving celebrations.

Hole in the Wall - from the sidewalk curving in front of my house
109KB Through the wall, the street is messy -- note the bricks on the other side of the street in the beginning of the park
114KB The broken pieces of the bush, and the part left in it's supporting role of holding up the Caution tape
175KB Looking down along the edge of the wall into the sidewalk below
160KB Bricks that made it across the street to the park's spillway
144KB Looking back through the wall onto the street
112KB Another from outside the wall looking into the neighborhood
133KB This brick is a trooper -- of course, it's got this bent rubar for a spine
153KB A pileup of the bricks, some of which may be salvageable for repair
144KB Another shot of the bushes and the pathway of the vehicle