Leonids Meteor shower

The Leonids meteor shower was interesting, but unfortunately, I only got two pictures that contained meteors. For these pictures and the experience, a group of 5 of us (plus Gemini) ventured out of the Phoenix metropolitan area and into the Superstition mountain area, early, early morning, 11/18/2001. Just wish I had more luck getting pictures of the meteors.

I also have a picture of an airplane flying at night.

After a suggestion by a friend, I went back through the pictures that I took that early morning and adjusted the levels of brightness to see if any more meteors could be found that just weren't bright enough for me to see on my monitor (but that were captured in the images).

I found three small, faint meteors that hadn't shown up before on separate images, three meteors that were near each other on the same image and one meteor sharing the picture with the plane from above!

I have a "moral" problem stating that the picture with apparently three meteors together, truly contains meteors, or if it was some strange phenomena that happened with the light and dust. The streaks within the image are faint and almost appear to be between stars in some cases. So, I will just say that it's 3 possible meteors and let each one decide for themselves. :)

If you're having problems seeing these meteors, try downloading the file and playing with the "Levels" in PhotoShop or some other image tool of your choice. I also suggest adjusting the contrast and brightness on your monitor as well. I easily saw the first few meteors on my monitor here at home but couldn't see them properly on the monitor I had at work.