Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

Pattern Recognition was an interesting look at life for a special lady in current times. Her life is turned upside down as she becomes aware of many forces that have aligned themselves against and with her.

Cayce Pollard has a special talent for picking out logos that will succeed in the market as well as keeping an ear to the crowd to know what is currently working and will be exploding in the market soon. Oddly, though, this very talent also causes within her a phobia of these very predominant logos.

In addition, she's been hooked on a phenomenon that has slowly spread across the globe called the "Footage" -- a collection of film snippets that randomly appear around the Internet. She and others have become quite obsessed with it -- discussing what it really is, where it comes from, and the intent of its maker.

Cayce ends up partnering with a marketing guru who gives her a rather large expense account to allow her to find the maker of this "Footage", and thus embarks on her journey that ends up turning her world upside down.

I think this book was really good as a foray into current times -- nothing was outrageous but it was an interesting look into the world. I'll have to look into taking a long trip so that I can see how Cayce's description of jet lag works for me!