The Shining

         The Shining is an interesting tale about a young boy with a mental gift
which allows him to see into the future as well as the present and past.  
Through some bad coincidences regarding the boy's father (Jack), the family has
moved cross-country for Jack to take a winter caretaker's job at a hotel in the
middle of the Rockie mountains.  This particular hotel has had a great, long
history of death and troubles in its past.  It seems to devour souls and be
quite haunted from the roving, sentry-like Topiary bushes out front, to the
top-most, largest windowed, Presidential Suite.

         With the arrival of the boy, its hunger is awakened.  It has found a
soul with the ability to "Shine" in the boy and it wants his powers for itself.
Through the visitor-less winter, the hotel slowly grinds the nerves of the
three-person family down, such that husband and wife don't trust each other
and the thirst for alcohol has been re-awakened within the husband in such
a way that he'll do anything for a drink.

         I must interject here, that I felt the movie was crap compared to the
book.  They changed parts that I felt were very big from the book to make the
movie.  I suppose this shouldn't surprise me too much, but it was painful to
watch after just reading the book.  If you haven't read the book or seen the
movie, I'm almost tempted to suggest to see the movie first, so that it won't
disappoint you after you've read the book.  Although, I suppose this could
lead you to seeing Jack's wife as Olive Oil while reading the book which
would be a shame in my opinion.