`Salem's Lot

         `Salem's Lot is a very interesting venture into the world of vampires
for Stephen King's second novel.  It is about a town called Juresalem's Lot
in New England.  A writer is returning back to the town that he once lived in
as a child with an Aunt to try to rekindle his creative flame with a visit
to a magical town with a magical house.  In reality, he ends up rekindling
a different kind of flame within himself which hasn't been lit since the
death of his wife in an accident a few years before.  He's not the only
new-comer to the town though; an olde evil has come for a visit across
the great Atlantic with a ghoul, under the guise of Antique dealers.

         The story is mainly about what it takes to shatter different belief
systems as well as how NOT to attack vampires.  Though, before the end the
self-proclaimed vampire hunters do end up killing the main vampire and
fleeing, although they do so after great losses to themselves.

         The Catholic priest who shines his brightest to save a young boy's
life (then falls his furthest directly afterwards) is sure to be seen among
the pages of the next Dark Tower books.  It'll be interesting to see what
he is guarding under the stairs of his church in the desolate town which is
ravaged by the Wolves that he's to offer to the Gunslingers in exchange
for their protection from the two-decades' harvest.