Cryptonomicon is an interesting story about cryptography which spans the ages; from the World War II era to common day.  It explores the details of Information Flow as well as explaining some of the basic concepts of modern-day cryptography without the reader realizing this until it is too late for them to stop tasting the forbidden fruit of the knowledge. ;)

     The stories of two generations are linked by family ties. On one hand you've the grandson of a leader of the digital computer movement and Information Flow technology; versus the Son and grand-daughter of a hard marine originally stationed in the Pacific theatre at the start of World War II.  The granddaughter and grandson of these two people end up linking the three stories together, although there was some tie together between the two World War II stories of the Cryptographer and the Marine.

     I'd rate this book as a very good addition to any code lover's books.  I'd also suggest it for those that are interested in learning more about cryptography on modern day machines.  While it doesn't give too many details related to the "how", it does give good background knowledge as to the origins of some ideas as well as giving one a decent idea of what strong cryptography in the modern day can be used for.  Frank suggested this book to me knowing that I had an interest in cryptography and good stories.